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  • 2013 Feed Grains, Wheat and Oilseeds Commodity Outlook

    January 22, 2013

    Tim Brusnahan, Richard A. Brock & Associates, will analyze the USDA’s January 11 crop reports in light of last season’s drought which wreaked havoc on much of the country’s crops. In recent memory there has probably not been a release of information that has been as singularly important to the feed industry as these reports. Mr. Brusnahan will use his considerable expertise to sift through the data to highlight the information that those in the feed and related industries need to know.


    Following the presentation, there will be questions posed by the moderator and the live webinar audience. 


    This webinar is part of the 2013 WattAgNet Webinar Series. 

    What You'll Learn: 


    • Important information regarding the U.S. feed market for 2013 
    • Insight about supply and demand for U.S. and South America oilseed in 2013 
    • Information related to the outlook for U.S. ethanol 
    • Strategies for feed users 
    • Key observations about whether the U.S. crop production will get back to a trend line yield in 2013



    Tim Brusnahan.2 image
    Tim Brusnahan
    Vice President of Consulting
    Richard A. Brock & Associates

    Mr. Brusnahan is Vice President of Consulting and a Principle of Richard A. Brock & Associates, Inc., a commodity Trading Advisor & Commodity Pool Operator that provides commodity price forecasting, research analysis, hedging & procurement strategies for farm producers, dairy producers as well as for end users of hedgeable and non-hedgeable commodities. Richard A. Brock & Associates, Inc. serves as an advisor to many of the nations’s largest farm operations, agribusness firms, financial institutions and Fortune 500 Companies.

    Mr. Brusnahan has been a stable influence in the sometimes-volatile commodity industry. Prior to his employment with Brock Associates, Mr. Brusnahan was registered as an Associated Person with Gerstenberg & Co., a commodity retail brokerage firm in Chicago. 
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    Grain and Meat Outlook Webinar Series - #1

    Commented on: April 11, 2014

    "Very good Webinar, good statistical information."

    Larry Steffens
    Financial Officer
    Farm Credit Services of America