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    • Coleman Natural Foods

      Coleman Natural Foods CEO Mark McKay reported 4.86 million pounds ready-to-cook chicken production on a weekly basis in 2011, an increase of 0.41 million pounds or 9.2%. The company’s production volume includes Draper Valley Farms, Inc., which was purchased by Coleman Natural Foods in 2010. The company has four distribution centers, two hatcheries (819,000 eggs weekly), two feed mills (2,840 metric tons weekly), 13 breeder farms with 25 breeder houses and 135 broiler farms with 509 broiler houses. Sales and marketing: Coleman Natural sales break out 62% retail, 25% foodservice and 13% industrial. Company brands are Coleman Natural, Rosie Organic, Rocky the Range Chicken, Coleman Organic, Draper Valley Farms, Draper Valley Farms Organic, Ranger - The Free Range Chicken and Han’s All-Natural. Geographically, sales break out 25% Northeast, 25% West, 20% Northwest, 20% Southeast, 5% Midwest and 5% Southwest.

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      Key product categories: Chicken

      Number of head weekly in million birds: 0.693

      Ready-to-cook in millions: 3.11 million lbs

      Average liveweight per bird: 5.96 lbs

      Further processing plants: 3

      Cooking plants: 3

      Hatcheries : 2

      Feed mills : 2

      Number of employees : 2124

      Annual revenue (millions) : USD 471

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