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  • Farm Journal/WATT “Grain & Meat Outlook Webinar Series” #1

    March 26, 2013

    Join Farm Journal, Pro Farmer editor Chip Flory and Dr. Tom Elam, President, FarmEcon, LLC for the first of a three part ”Grain & Meat Outlook” webinar series in 2013. The first will focus on the March USDA crop reports and Spring planting season and an economic outlook for poultry and grains and their effect on protein/poultry production in 2013.

    What You'll Learn:

    • The most current information regarding the U.S. feed market for 2013
    • Key observations about whether the U.S. crop production will get back to a trend line yield in 2013
    • Strategies for feed users
    • Wholesale meat and poultry supply and pricing for 2013



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    Dr. Tom Elam
    FarmEcon LLC

    Dr. Thomas Elam earned Master’s and PhD degrees in Agricultural Economics at the University of Tennessee. He is also a graduate of the American Marketing Association Executive Strategic Planning course. Dr. Elam is also a member of Sigma Xi, a scientific research society, and Gamma Sigma Delta, the agriculture honorary research society.

    Dr. Elam has been working in the area of grain and livestock economics for over 35 years. His professional career spans service to the University of Illinois, the Economic Research Service of USDA and Elanco Animal Health. In a 24 year career at Elanco Dr. Elam was primarily engaged in global market research and strategic business planning. As a result of that experience he has broad capabilities in the areas of agricultural price outlook, agricultural production, food marketing, and animal health economics.

    After retirement from Elanco in 2003 Dr. Elam has continued his career by founding his own company, FarmEcon LLC. 


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    Chip Flory
    Pro Farmer, Farm Journal Media

    Chip joined Pro Farmer as a floor reporter for Futures World News in January 1988 after graduating from Iowa State University with a degree in Ag Journalism. He spent 3 ½ years in Chicago reporting from the floors of the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange as Bureau Chief for FWN.

    Chip moved to the Pro Farmer headquarters in April 1991 where he started as Electronic Services Editor. With Pro Farmer, he has been Sr. Market Analyst, Editorial Director and General Manager.

    Chip has been Editor of Pro Farmer Newsletter since May 1997 and Publisher of Professional Farmers of America since November 1999. He is responsible for the news, information and perspective delivered by Pro Farmer and still plays an active role in grain and livestock marketing advice to the 13,000-plus Pro Farmer Members.

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    Commented on: January 21, 2012

    "Thank you very much for allowing me such a great opportunity."


    Mariam A.ELDeeb, Ph.D

    Prof. of Poultry Nutrition

    Dept. Animal & Poultry Production

    College of Agric. Assiut University