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on September 26, 2011

US egg-type chicks hatched up in August

Broiler-type chicks hatched down during same time period

U.S. egg-type chicks hatched during August totaled 41.6 million, up 12% from August 2010, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Eggs in incubators totaled 39.1 million on Sept. 1, up 5% from the same time in 2010. Domestic placements of egg-type pullet chicks for future hatchery supply flocks by leading breeders totaled 311 thousand during August, up 23% from August 2010.

Broiler-type chicks hatched during August 2011 totaled 761 million, down 5% from August 2010. Eggs in incubators totaled 601 million on Sept. 1, down 6% from the same time in 2010. Leading breeders placed 7.23 million broiler-type pullet chicks for future domestic hatchery supply flocks during August 2011, down 1% from August 2010.

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