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gut health feed additives
Alexander Baidin |
on March 16, 2017

Gut health additives: four possible future scenarios

What does the future hold for the business of gut health additives over the next decade?

Exclusive Feed Management preview:

What will the future hold for the gut health additives business in the years to come? The global feed additives business is growing at record speed, and it is estimated to exceed USD$20 billion within a few years. Gut health additives certainly make an increasing proportion of this market as other products, such as amino acids and flavors, appear to have reached maturity.

Read the entire article about the future of the gut health additives business in the March/April issue of Feed Management.

If we were to consider the business of gut health additives for the next decade, we would have to ponder over all possibilities, even the most extreme. It is logical to assume that each scenario has its own proponents, especially when jobs and businesses are affected by the success or failure of all other possible scenarios. This remains a fluid market where all outcomes are possible. 

In this article, you will explore these four possible senarios:

  1. Nothing will change
  2. A super additive will emerge
  3. Microbes will produce their own additives
  4. New drugs will emerge

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This is the fourth article in WATT Global Media’s 100-year anniversary series, which considers four possible future scenarios for gut health additives. The next article in the series will explore bird welfare.

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