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on February 16, 2017

NGFA hopes to collaborate with White House on trade

President of National Grain and Feed Association says his group wants to be a ‘proactive partner’ with the new administration

The National Grain and Feed Association (NGFA) is looking forward to working with the Trump administration on trade and other issues that concern the animal feed, grain and agriculture sectors, according to Randy Gordon, the association’s president.

In a phone interview with WATT Global Media, Gordon said NGFA wants to be a partner with the White House on trade negotiations, and welcomes the re-evaluation of regulations President Donald Trump has promised.

“We want to work as a food and agriculture group with the new administration in providing ideas on ways to update and modernize NAFTA … as well as re-engage on Asia-Pacific trade,” Gordon said.

“We need to work within the political dynamics that exist today with the new administration,” he added. “Trade is important to agriculture, and we want to be a proactive partner in working with the administration to achieve even greater growth.”

Modernizing NAFTA

NGFA wants to see the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) continued, modernized and updated.

“It is very positive that the president didn’t withdraw from NAFTA,” Gordon said. “A withdrawal would have increased tariffs on imports and invited retaliation from” Mexico and Canada.

While the renegotiation of NAFTA opens up the possibilities of change, Gordon said it’s also a good time to concentrate on what works well in the agreement.

“In one sense, it’s an opportunity to work to further improve on what we think is already a pretty good agreement,” he said. “NAFTA was very positive in terms of eliminating tariffs on…

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