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on April 17, 2017

French poultry sector agrees to avian flu prevention measures

French ag minister meets with poultry industry to increase responsiveness to avian influenza

Last week, stakeholders in the French poultry industry and those from local administrations agreed a number of measures to prevent the reemergence of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI), which has caused devastation to part of the country’s production since the end of last year.

In other European countries, the apparent decline in the discovery of new outbreaks of the disease appears to be continuing. Based on official reports the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) and from national veterinary authorities, only Germany and Italy have reported new outbreaks in commercial poultry over the last week, and only one in each country. There have been new cases in backyard flocks in Romania and Russia, and the virus has been detected in wild birds in Finland and the Netherlands.

In France, stakeholders agree to measures to prevent HPAI’s return

Last week, agriculture minister, Stéphane Le Foll met with poultry industry groups and representatives from a number of regions and departments, according to the French agriculture ministry, with the aim to reach agreement on how to increase the responsiveness of the poultry sector to HPAI, and reduce the risk of the re-emergence of the disease.

Following a wide-ranging discussion, 32 signatories agreed to improve disease detection and responses to it, to secure the production chain and transport links, and to strengthen farm biosecurity. Calling for action at European and international level, it was also concluded that a system of economic support for HPAI-affected premises must be established.

The Minister announced that, from…

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