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on October 4, 2017

San Francisco to stores: Report animal antibiotic use

City passes law that would require retailers to report information regarding antibiotic use in animals raised for meat sold at stores

From WATTAgNet:

The City of San Francisco has approved a new law that will require retailers to report antibiotic use in the animals raised for meat and poultry sold in San Francisco stores.

The city’s board of supervisors approved the measure on October 3, in which the Department and Environment will receive reports from the roughly 120 large grocery outlets in the city. The department will then publicly disclose the reports. It is believed that San Francisco is the first city in the United States to make such a mandate.

The proposal was made by Supervisor Jeff Sheehy, who had expressed concerns about the potential link between antibiotic use in animal agriculture and antimicrobial resistance.

Several agriculture and grocery industry groups, including California Grocers Association, California Farm Bureau Federation and the North American Meat Institute, had expressed opposition to the law as it was being proposed, reported the San Francisco Examiner.

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SF to mandate large grocers disclose antibiotics used in meat

San Francisco on Tuesday became the first city in the nation to require large grocery stores to annually report antibiotics used in the raising of livestock sold.

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