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Egg Production

Cal-Maine Foods reports minor hurricane damage

Some of egg company’s farms and production facilities have experienced minor troubles in wake of Hurricane Irma
Cal-Maine Foods, the world’s largest egg producer, reported that it has sustained minor damages at some of its farms and egg production facilities in Florida and Southeast Georgia as a result of Hurricane Irma.
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Gemperle Family Farms speeds up cage-free conversion

Egg company states it will convert to 100 percent cage-free egg production one year earlier than it previously planned
Gemperle Family Farms’ conversion to 100 percent cage-free egg production will be accelerated and completed by 2023, the company announced. Gemperle’s previous commitment stated that the conversion would be completed by 2024.
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World Wildlife Fund launching egg sustainability study

The international conservation and sustainability organization will examine efficiency of various types of egg production.
The World Wildlife Fund, with support from U.S. egg farming groups, is launching a study to better understand the environmental impact of various types of egg production used around the globe.
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Calculating additional cage-free production costs

Cage-free egg production requires additional manpower and feed, but exactly how much? Experts offer their estimates.
Along with greater attention to bird management and environmental settings, cage-free egg production simply demands greater resources than conventional production. Quantifying exactly how much extra labor and feed is needed, however, isn’t that simple.
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MSD Animal Health launches first systemic treatment for poultry red mites

Novel approach improves poultry welfare by reducing stress on chickens
MSD Animal Health announced Sept. 5 the launch of Exzolt, the first systemic treatment for poultry red mite infestations - a novel approach that virtually eliminates poultry red mites in production houses of any size or type, including free range.
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The perfect start in life is egg-shaped

Oct. 13 is set to get off to a cracking start when we celebrate World Egg Day. This year a range of international events and campaigns will promote the contribution that eggs make to fulfilling the nutritional requirements of the global community.
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