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Animal Feed Additives

Animal science professor Mark Cook dies at age 61

Was well known in poultry industry for nutrition and immunology expertise
Mark Cook, 61, a professor of animal science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison whose research yielded advances in human health and food production, died from complications of cancer on September 9, 2017.
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Future of enzyme research in animal nutrition

Freedom to dream is what makes great scientists, but freedom is expensive!
A prominent enzyme researcher mentioned that if we want something better than an improved xylanase — when it comes to fiber enzymes — we must keep dreaming. Taking this piece of advice to heart, I decided to dream.
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EU animal feed additive legislation comment period opens

European Commission requests stakeholders' opinions on 2003 regulation on animal feed additives
The directorate-general for health and safety of the European Commission is requesting stakeholders' opinions on the 2003 regulation on additives for use in animal nutrition in the European Union (EU).
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Study looks to reduce methane gas emissions in cattle

Researchers will investigate whether feeding biochar to beef cattle reduces amount of methane produced
Seeking to mitigate the greenhouse gas contributions of Alberta, Canada’s agricultural sector, a University of Lethbridge-led study has been granted $1.1 million by the federal government’s Agricultural Greenhouse Gases Program.
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6 phytogenics questions broiler producers need to ask

An established type of products is viewed with renewed interest due to the antibiotic withdrawal in the U.S.
Phytogenics are used mainly to enhance feed efficiency in broilers by increasing nutrient digestibility directly, as in the case of capsaisin, or indirectly, as with many compounds that control digesta microflora.
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