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Broilers & Layers

Harim Group expands into Indonesia with acquisition

Company acquires animal feed, breeder units of Indonesian firm Sujaya Group
Harim Group affiliate Farmsco has acquired the animal feed and breeder units of Indonesian stockbreeding firm Sujaya Group as part of the company’s plan to expand into the country.
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Is FCR always the right profitability index for broilers?

A real case scenario using actual broiler feeds demonstrates that cost per gain is a much more reliable index when we make nutritional changes in broiler feeds.
We often forget that the efficiency by which animals convert feed to products like body weight, eggs or milk (often called feed conversion rate or FCR) is but an index, and not always related to true profitability.
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Campbell Soup makes broiler welfare pledge

Company also offers progress reports concerning crate-free pork, cage-free eggs and chicken raised without antibiotics
Campbell Soup Company has approved broiler welfare guidelines that its suppliers are expected to adhere to by 2024.
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Broiler welfare: Which stunning method is more humane?

Controlled atmosphere stunning is being touted as better for animal welfare than electrical stunning, but industry experts are not presently endorsing one method over another
Controlled atmosphere stunning (CAS) is being pitched as a more humane alternative to electrical stunning of chickens and turkeys prior to slaughter, but is that truly the case?
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