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Pig Nutrition

Tecnozoo appoints Besta Biotech as distributor in Taiwan

Tecnozoo, a leading Italian manufacturer of specialty nutrient and management solutions for livestock and poultry, has appointed Besta Biotech Co., Ltd., a leading distributor of quality products and advanced technologies for animal health, to distribute its products in Taiwan
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Piglets need water as much as they need feed

Providing water to suckling and weaned piglets does not stop at having one water outlet per pen as these animals undergo significant digestive development during this period.
Sow’s milk contains about 80 percent water, and therefore it is often assumed that suckling piglets cover their daily water requirements without supplemental water.
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EW Nutrition makes two key hires

EW Nutrition is thrilled to announce that Vicki Skou has joined the company as Senior Accounting Specialist and Lori Martindale has joined the company as Customer Satisfaction Representative.
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How storage of specialty feeds affects protein quality

Specialty ingredients, especially for young animals, contain a great amount of protein that is not only expensive but also highly prone to deterioration when stored under unfavorable conditions.
Most specialty feeds, and particularly those designed for young animals, contain relatively high concentrations of sensitive ingredients.
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