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Poultry industry leader Nick Zimmerman dies

Retired University of Maryland poultry specialist was active in Poultry Science Association, Maryland Feed Industry Council, Delmarva Poultry Industry and American Poultry Historical Society
Dr. Nickolas “Nick” Zimmermann, retired University of Maryland associate professor and poultry specialist, passed away on September 29 after many years battling a brain tumor.
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Batista brothers officially charged with insider trading

Prosecutors allege Wesley and Joesley Batista used privileged information to minimize losses
Wesley and Joesley Batista, the brothers who formerly served as CEO and chairman of JBS, respectively, have been formally charged with insider trading and market manipulation.
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Special Report

Top 100 global animal feed companies of 2016

Report highlights global compound animal feed manufacturers producing volumes more than 1 million metric tons in 2016
WATT Global Media's annual Top Feed Companies report highlights the global compound animal feed manufacturers producing volumes more than 1 million metric tons in 2016.
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6 common cage-free egg production mistakes

Cage-free egg specialists describe the six most common mistakes they see on farms and provide tips on how to avoid them.
Despite the best education and preparation, the transition to cage-free production is a complex and challenging processes even for veteran egg farmers. Husbandry experts were asked about what errors they’ve seen most often in the field, and steps farmers can take to ensure they don’t make the same mistakes.
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Biorigin receives the Gold Seal of the Brazilian GHG Protocol

Biorigin strengthens its commitment to sustainability by joining the Program and has already conquered the gold seal for its first GHG emissions inventory
Biorigin received the Gold Seal of the Brazilian GHG Protocol Program for having disclosed an inventory of Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions audited by third a party, in compliance with ISO 14064-3:2007 (SGS).
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Biomin strengthens commitment to Mexican market

Company will strengthen its commitment to the Mexican poultry and livestock sectors in the near future, including the strategic decision to open a local business unit.
Biomin products first became commercially available in Mexico in 1992 through local distributor INUSA Mexico, beginning with the mycotoxin-deactivating Mycofix. The product offering expanded over the years to include a full suite of Biomin gut performance management solutions: Digestarom, PoultryStar and Biotronic.
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Fipronil found in German liquor, bakery products

Tests conducted in Germany finds products containing eggs as an ingredient have traces of pesticide
Traces of Fipronil have been detected in a variety of products that contain eggs in Germany, including bakery products and a liquor known as Advocaat.
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