Information on global poultry, pig and animal feed markets.

Antibiotic-Free Meat

Understanding antibiotic use, risks of resistance

From poultry farm to dispensary, Antibiotic Awareness Week seeks to raise understanding of antibiotic use and the risks of resistance.
World Antibiotic Awareness Week uses education and awareness to help reduce livestock antibiotic overuse, resistance in the global food chain.
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Belgian Vets and Porphyrio tighten their collaboration

With the renewal of the collaboration, Degudap & Galluvet veterinary practices take a leading position in the Belgian market using the opportunity of data driven cloud solutions to improve monitoring and performance of the poultry production in the framework of antibiotic reduction in the poultry sector.
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Organic egg producer focuses on providing for community

Mid-States Specialty Eggs, an organic egg producer built around Mennonite farming families, rapidly became one of the nation’s largest organic egg producers, but providing livelihood for the community is its main goal.
A Missouri-based farming cooperative is quickly becoming a leader in the fast-growing organic egg business. Its leaders say its specialty egg business is more about preserving a way of life than anything else.
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3 poultry health risks when antibiotics aren’t used

Elimination of antibiotics creates wet litter problems, which increase odds of three health problems in broilers, Elanco director of global scientific affairs and policy says
The production of broilers without the use of antibiotics is a rapidly growing trend, but cutting antibiotic use does have its drawbacks, said Matthew Salois, director of global scientific affairs and Policy for Elanco.
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How phytogenics affect animals provides usage insights

Phytogenics are currently considered one of the top alternatives to in-feed antibiotics for poultry, and understanding how they work can aid in selecting and using the right product for the right purpose.
Although there is ample information why to use phytogenics, similar knowledge on how these products work inside the animal remains largely unavailable.
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What poultry does not contain drives sales

Nielsen data suggests that bringing products to market that address consumers’ desire for clean labels is an opportunity for poultry producers.
Meeting consumers’ desire for clean labels is an market opportunity squarely in the wheelhouse of poultry producers.
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Poultry raised without antibiotics now in all Wawa stores

The enhanced poultry-based, food quality classification will impact more than 23 products
Poultry raised without antibiotics is now available in all Wawa stores. This is part of Wawa’s quality food commitment, which includes a pledge of continuous improvement, including an ongoing review of all products, ingredients and supplier partnerships.
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