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Mark Clements

Mark Clements

Mark Clements is the editor of Poultry International. To contact Clements, email


Brazilian meat exports recovering from ‘weak flesh’ crisis

The Brazilian poultry industry suffered a huge reputation hit this year, but little by little its fortunes are being restored.
False claims of fraud and substandard meat exports hit Brazil's chicken producers, but its poultry industry is recovering lost markets. Learn how the industry is recovering from this image crisis.
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Sustainable poultry production driving industry advances

Poultry producers, already leading in some areas of environmental sustainability, will face growing pressure to minimize their impact as demand for meat continues and eggs intensifies
Sustainable chicken and egg production demands will continue to increase as consumers and governments demand more accountability and transparency.
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Understanding antibiotic use, risks of resistance

From poultry farm to dispensary, Antibiotic Awareness Week seeks to raise understanding of antibiotic use and the risks of resistance.
World Antibiotic Awareness Week uses education and awareness to help reduce livestock antibiotic overuse, resistance in the global food chain.
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Might China be the rising star of animal welfare?

Rising incomes and changing attitudes are leading to more interest in welfare
As interest in animal welfare in China grows, poultry and other livestock producers are responding, winning international recognition for their welfare practices. Will China emerge as a champion of farm animal welfare?
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