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Articles by Jackie Linden

Ingham’s year-end results exceed expectations

Poultry meat production expanded by 11.5 percent in volume, and 3.3 percent in value over the 2017 fiscal year
Australia and New Zealand’s largest poultry integrator, Ingham Group Limited, has achieved double-digit growth in poultry meat sales volume over the last year, and achieved significant improvements in efficiency within the business.
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HKScan launches new strategy for growth

Company strategy puts focus on meat, poultry and meals
Sustainability and quality offer opportunities for growth by Nordic-based company, HKScan Group, which has announced new objectives that will focus the firm’s future efforts on meat - especially poultry - and meals.
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Avian flu threatens South Africa’s poultry industry

Country's veterinary officials considering vaccination
While the animal health authorities in the Philippines believe that highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in poultry has been brought under control, there have been high-level discussions with the poultry industry in South Africa on how to tackle the worsening disease situation there.
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England advances animal welfare efforts

Proposed measures call for closed circuit television monitoring in slaughterhouses, updated code of practice for broiler welfare
Further strengthening animal welfare standards in England is the aim of two new measures proposed by the government covering closed circuit television (CCTV) monitoring in slaughterhouses, and an updated code of practice for the welfare of broilers and broiler breeders.
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Avian flu: global lull before the next storm?

No new avian flu cases reported within the past week
In a rare week in which no country has officially reported cases of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in poultry, the authorities in the Philippines and in Italy have been taking action to prevent further outbreaks.
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New hope to control zoonotic disease in Asia

Researchers led by the UK’s Pirbright Institute are developing an effective and inexpensive vaccine for pigs against the Nipah virus
The threat of a devastating zoonotic disease currently restricts the areas of Malaysia where pig farms can be set up, but that could change if a new international effort to develop a vaccine is successful.
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Fipronil scandal causes waves outside the Netherlands

Authorities say Fipronil was being used on the country’s poultry farms as long ago as November 2016
Food safety officials in the Netherlands were tipped off that the banned pesticide, fipronil, was being used on the country’s poultry farms as long ago as November last year, and the company involved was also named.
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