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Michaela Mohnl

Michaela Mohnl DI (MSc), product manager for probiotics at BIOMIN Holding GmbH


Improving poultry’s intestinal morphology, performance with feed additives

Encouraging the optimal performance of birds’ gastrointestinal tract can pay dividends in health and growth.
The proper functioning of a newborn chick’s gastrointestinal tract is essential for growth and performance, so achieving optimal intestinal development and the functional capacity of young birds should never be overlooked. The intestine of hatchlings increases in weight as much as five times more rapidly than most of its other organs or body mass.  
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Poultry production: How probiotics can play a role

Since the importance of a well-balanced gut microflora for adequate health and high performance has been recognised, feeding strategies have been directed to control the microbial GI environment by nutritional means.
A large and diverse range of bacteria are living in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract of our animals and most of these bacteria form a symbiotic relationship with the host. Nutrition is the most important factor influencing the composition and metabolic activity of the intestinal microflora.  
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