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Roy Graber

Roy Graber

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Marfrig hopes to conclude Keystone Foods IPO in FY 2017

Company also looks at expansion projects to keep up with demand for Keystone Foods products
Leaders with Marfrig Global Foods said the company is continuing to pursue an initial public offering (IPO) for a portion of its Keystone Foods business unit, and is optimistic that the IPO can be concluded during the second half of its 2017 fiscal year.
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Broiler welfare: 3 slow-growth claims examined

Poultry Nutrition Limited CEO: Mortality rates, mobility and leg health of modern broilers not a problem like some would want people to think
As proponents of new broiler welfare programs continue to push for changes in broiler production techniques and smaller, slower-growing breeds, cases are being made that birds in modern production are not as healthy or mobile as they should be.
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Why did Bloomberg even mention hormones, cages?

Report on chicken sold at Whole Foods clarifies that hormones and cages aren’t used, yet the lead paragraph contradicts what is later written
Like many people, I have been interested in whether Amazon’s proposed acquisition of Whole Foods Market will mean any changes in the type of chicken products the grocer sells.
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Herbruck’s gets conditional approval for new egg farm

Proposed Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch facility would add 190 jobs and represent an investment of nearly $100 million to the area
Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch’s plans to build a new egg production facility in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, has taken a step forward, as the Montgomery Township Supervisors have granted conditional approval of the company’s land development plan.
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USDA lowers turkey production estimates for 2017

Meanwhile, egg production estimates are raised and broiler production estimates are unchanged
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has lowered its forecast for turkey production for 2017, based on a slower-than-expected recovery in demand and relatively poor returns to producers.
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Do we have a vow to not source slower-growing broilers?

Change to bigger tenders and meatier wings is a deviation from transition so many other companies are announcing
During a time when foodservice companies and restaurant chains are pledging to source only chicken meat from slower-growing or smaller broiler breeds, one chain appears to be doing just the opposite.
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Tyson Foods CEO stresses emphasis on broiler welfare

CEO Tom Hayes indicates the company would be willing to raise slower-growing broilers if the demand was strong
Tyson Foods President and CEO Tom Hayes indicated that if the demand for chicken products from slower-growing broiler breeds was strong enough, and it was proven to be good from an animal welfare perspective, the company would be willing to enter into that type of production.
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