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Ann Reus

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Harim Group expands into Indonesia with acquisition

Company acquires animal feed, breeder units of Indonesian firm Sujaya Group
Harim Group affiliate Farmsco has acquired the animal feed and breeder units of Indonesian stockbreeding firm Sujaya Group as part of the company’s plan to expand into the country.
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More mycotoxins seen in US corn crop, silage

Fumonisin, DON causing trouble across the country
There has been a new confirmed report of fumonisin in corn in one U.S. state, while another state has seen its levels of the mycotoxin increase, according to Neogen’s Monday Mycotoxin Report for October 2.
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How can hurricane-affected farmers salvage flooded crops?

FDA answers questions about how crops can be used after they have been affected by floodwaters.
As areas of the southern U.S. recover from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, crop farmers may have questions about what they can do with their crops that have been affected by floodwaters. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently posted questions and answers about crops harvested from flooded fields intended for animal food.
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Missouri reports mycotoxins in corn

Additional states fall behind average in development as conditions worsen
One additional U.S. state has reported mycotoxins in its corn crop, according to Neogen’s Monday Mycotoxin Report from September 11.
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Study: Fishmeal spreading antibiotic-resistant bacteria

But Marine Ingredients Organisation takes issue with the study’s findings
Researchers at China’s Dalian University of Technology have found that fishmeal is a “major reservoir for antibiotic-resistant genes,” and that the use of fishmeal in animal feed is contributing to the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria around the world.
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