Information on global poultry, pig and animal feed markets.

Animal Nutrition Views

Ioannis Mavromichalis, Ph.D., gives his views on poultry, pig and dairy nutrition based on his experience as a nutrition consultant with clients around the world.

Do liquid-fed pigs require extra water?

Theories suggest that offering pigs liquid feed eliminates the need for supplemental fresh water. Is this true?
In theory, pigs do not require a separate source of water given that their true requirements for water are satisfied through the daily allotment of liquid feed.
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Broiler post-hatch super pre-starter boosts performance

Broiler producers are usually encouraged to test the feed and evaluate the results on their own, which is good advice and should follow an informed decision.
Feeding a post-hatch special diet remains a controversial topic. Not only because the feed is expensive, by the nature of the special ingredients used in formulating it, but also because there are few quantitative studies.
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Observations of the European poultry nutrition symposium

An event designed to attract an immense, yet diverse, group of poultry professionals has delivered a performance that was rather short of my super-high expectations.
When I decided to attend the European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition (ESPN) in early May 2017, I did so thinking it would be an opportunity to update myself on the latest happenings of the industry.
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