Information on global poultry, pig and animal feed markets.

Animal Feed for Thought

Jackie Roembke, editor of Feed Management and Feed International, offers her perspective on happenings in the global feed and grain industries.

Faux meat: The protein of the future?

With changing consumer preferences and the promise of sustainability, what influence will plant-based proteins, like The Beyond Burger, have on animal protein consumption?
Faux meats like the Beyond Burger and other plant-based protein alternatives threaten growth of animal agriculture sectors.
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Social media & crisis outreach: What you need to know

Social media has the power to destroy companies and reputations. Speaker explores mitigation tactics at the Biomin 2016 World Nutrition Forum
Social media is an increasingly powerful tool in influencing the public's perception of animal agriculture. Food companies are wise to prepare for and expertly navigate crises before they go viral.
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