Information on global poultry, pig and animal feed markets.

Animal Agribusiness Angle

Roy Graber, staff reporter for WATTAgNet, combines his Midwestern farming background with his knowledge of economics and agriculture policy to offer a deeper look at the poultry and pig industries.

Worries of proposed USDA budget cuts cross party lines

Agriculture has done more than its share to limit government spending, Conaway says
Just when it appeared you could no longer have confidence in Washington lawmakers to stand up for agriculture and rural residents and instead just follow their political parties’ whims, we got a pleasant surprise.
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Will Popeyes get stricter about antibiotic use?

Company that offered to acquire Popeyes chain is phasing out chicken raised with antibiotics used in human medicine at its other North American eateries
Restaurant Brands International (RBI), the parent company of Burger King and Tim Hortons, announced recently its intent to acquire Popeyes, one of the largest quick service restaurant chains in the United States that specializes in serving chicken.
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Missouri AG shouldn’t make Proposition 2 partisan issue

Both Republicans and Democrats see California egg law as unfair
Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley should be commended for his efforts to keep California’s Proposition 2 egg law from burdening Missouri egg farmers and egg consumers. At the same time, he should be chastised for trying to make it a partisan issue.
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Will TPP live on without US, Trump?

Other countries involved in trade pact remain interested in bilateral trade
Ever since President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal, there has been a common question: Now what?
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It had help, but the animal rights movement won again

Approaching end of famous circus is further proof we shouldn’t underestimate the influence of animal rights activists
The animal rights movement celebrated a victory recently, when Feld Entertainment, owner of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, announced that the circus was no longer financially viable to operate, and would soon cease to exist.
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