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All Things Poultry

Gary Thornton shares his thoughts on the US poultry industry. Thornton discusses legislation, trends, food safety issues and more relating to the poultry and meat industries in the US.

Pilgrim’s adopts cost-based pricing of chicken

With feed-ingredient costs ranging near historic highs and chicken companies unable to pass those costs along to consumers, the industry’s business model is broken and needs fixing, said the chief executive of the nation’s second-largest chicken company where cost-based pricing of chicken is part of the fix. Pilgrim’s CEO Bill Lovette said the chicken industry appears to be headed toward production cuts between 6% and 8% by the fourth quarter of 2011, which would help raise chicken prices in 2012, but something more is needed – a way to pass high and volatile ingredient costs along to consumers. 
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Chicken supply cuts in the pipeline, processors say

Are production cuts sufficient to restore chicken industry profitability “in the pipeline?” With many chicken processors losing as much as 4 to 5 cents on every pound processed, survival for some companies may depend on how quickly and deeply the industry cuts production.
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Perdue chicken campaign tackles hormones, cages

Perdue Farms just launched a series of documentary-style TV spots nationally that address consumer trust in chicken and issues like steroids and hormones. It takes Perdue into advertising territory that has been avoided by most poultry companies due to its controversial nature.
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US should end current biofuels policy

Balance in U.S. policies involving food and fuel production not only is in the interest of the nation but is crucial to the survival of the meat and poultry industries. Reducing overall mandates for corn-ethanol and adopting flexible mandates would be a good start to a more balanced and rational policy.
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Mr. Secretary, poultry production is part of US agriculture

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack’s allegiance to corn-ethanol was recently on display at a luncheon in Washington, where the Secretary delivered his oft-repeated position that biofuel production plays only a minor role in higher corn and food prices. Vilsack defended the ethanol industry, saying “corn-based ethanol does not deserve the scapegoat reputation that some folks attempt to assign to it.”
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Poultry’s economic plight calls for constructive mindset

Rising corn prices that are driving up live-production costs are outside the poultry industry’s control. How you respond is important to your survival. Mike Donohue of Agri Stats served the industry’s challenging economic picture sunny side up at the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association Processor Workshop.
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