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Chickens far more clever than you may think

Our “feathered friends” may be as emotionally, socially and cognitively complex as most other birds and mammals
Long overlooked for their intelligence, chickens are emotionally complex, socially aware and can develop strategies to achieve their aims.
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Sanderson Farms: LGBT discrimination bill hurts Mississippi

Sanderson Farms contests proposed state law that protects people who deny jobs or services to someone because their sexual orientation or identification disagrees with one’s religious beliefs
Sanderson Farms believes a bill in Mississippi that would protect people who deny employment or business services to a person based on their sexual orientation or identification is bad for the state and should not become law.
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Maine governor: HSUS ‘was cruel’ to Hillandale hens

Gov. Paul LePage says HSUS representative simply left camera rolling instead of trying to prevent hens from suffering
It would appear that Maine Gov. Paul LePage has a bone to pick with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) over the methods the organization used to create an undercover video at a Hillandale Farms egg operation in the state he governs.
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To prevent avian flu, Brazil bans farm visits

After the outbreak in Chile, the Brazilian poultry industry is on alert and strengthens its biosecurity
Companies that produce and export poultry meat and eggs are banning all visits from customers and suppliers – including Brazilians – to facilities and areas with live birds, the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein announced (ABPA).
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Costco poultry plant project offered incentives

City council in Fremont, Nebraska, approves $1.35 million in incentives to build the plant there
The city council in Fremont, Nebraska, approved a motion to offer $1.35 million in incentives for Costco Wholesale Corporation and Lincoln Premium Poultry to construct a poultry plant there.
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