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How China’s poultry industry is changing

China’s global rise is creating new opportunities for the industry, but persistent problems with health and perception will play a large role in poultry’s future.
China is rapidly changing from a manufacturer to a consumer nation. With its rise in economic status, the country and Chinese businesses are playing an ever larger role on the world stage.
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8 broiler feed tips to select the right fats, oils

Very young broilers cannot utilize all fats with the same efficiency as older broilers, whereas not all fats and oils provide the same amount of energy.
There are a good number of commercial sources of feed-grade lipids, being either fats (solid) or oils (liquid). In fact, there are so many varied products that selecting the right lipid source can be problematic.
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7 alternative vegetable protein sources for broilers

It is always worth considering an alternative protein source, especially when prices for conventional ingredients increase due to low availability or high demand.
There are minor, local sources of protein that can offer the benefits of volume and low prices. When such opportunity arises, broiler producers are enticed to use these alternative, protein-rich ingredients, but results are often disappointing.
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4 keys to US poultry industry profitability in 2017

The U.S. poultry industry's profit outlook is positive in 2017, but improvement in the world economy and smooth trading relations are needed
The U.S. poultry industry's profit outlook is positive in 2017, but improvement in the world economy and smooth trading relations are needed.
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Smaller chickens for Wendy’s supply chain

Company says the move to smaller birds will result in more tender, juicy chicken at its U.S. restaurants
Fast-food chain Wendy’s announced on February 14 that it was making the switch to smaller chickens in its United States supply chain, citing that it believes meat from the smaller birds will be more tender and juicy.
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2017 US poultry industry outlook optimistic, says Nutriad

Nutriad: Political climate, markets, trade will all shape the poultry sector’s success in 2017
As the U.S. is moving from a turbulent 2016 into a new year with an uncertain political outlook, it is important for the poultry industry to understand the various scenarios that may unfold in the near future and possible changes in global trade agreements, currency exchange rates, regulations and overall cost of production.
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