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Moy Park invests in hatchery, poultry processing plant

Company’s planned improvements at Ashbourne, UK, facilities will create 100 new jobs
Moy Park has announced a major GBP10 million investment for the Ashbourne, U.K., area covering both its Ashbourne hatchery and processing facility with the creation of 100 new jobs.
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Oman lifts avian flu-related ban on US poultry

Country ends trade restriction that had been in place since May
Oman has lifted its ban on poultry imports from the United States. The ban had been in place since May in response to the avian influenza outbreak that infected flocks in Western and Midwestern states.
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Poultry superbug claims rejected as scaremongering

Sensationalist reporting of antibiotic resistance does nothing to protect public health
The discovery of campylobacter resistant to fluoroquinolone and tetracycline antibiotics in poultry flocks in New Zealand has led to reports of a new resistant “superbug.” The claims, however, have been swiftly rejected by the local poultry industry.
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US Congress briefed on humane farming practices

American Humane Association, Schoettmer Prime Pork and the happy egg co. take message to Capitol Hill
Officials with the American Humane Association, Schoettmer Prime Pork and the happy egg co. were among agriculture industry stakeholders who went to Capitol Hill to take part in a congressional briefing on "The Humane Heartland."
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Chile puts fair trade poultry to the test

A new model for free-range egg production puts hen welfare, respect for the environment and fair trade for small producers at its heart
An agreement has been reached to set up a new partnership in egg production in Chile. The agreement has been recognized internationally because it promotes the welfare of hens and respect for the environment, as well as prioritizing the fair trade system for farmers.
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3 avian flu updates for the week ending November 20

New cases emerge in Africa and Asia while the US prepares for its possible return
New avian influenza cases in Africa and Asia, and the preparation for the possible return of avian influenza to the United States highlighted the news concerning the virus for the week ending November 20.
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USDA requests more proposals for avian flu vaccines

Agency seeks proposals from vaccine producers as it continues to prepare for the potential return of avian influenza
The USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), in its efforts to prepare for the potential return of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI), is issuing its second request for proposals (RFP) for vaccine manufacturers with the interest and capability to supply a variety of Eurasian H5 (EA H5) vaccines in sufficient numbers to add to the emergency stockpile.
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