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Organic chicken group gains momentum in Ontario

Chicken Farmers of Ontario grants New Entrant Chicken Processor status to Yorkshire Valley Farms
Yorkshire Valley Farms (YVF), an Ontario-based organic poultry organization, is making progress in meeting the conditions placed on it earlier in 2016 when it was conditionally granted New Entrant Chicken Processor status into the Chicken Farmers of Ontario (CFO).
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Matt Damon’s chicken-only diet

Actor’s quick weight loss plan shows chicken is a good source of lean protein, as long as it’s not taken to extremes
There’s something that tends to make me nervous whenever I see news concerning celebrities and the consumption of chicken.
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Papa John’s completes switch to antibiotic-free chicken

Pizza chain had in 2015 announced its intent to phase out chicken treated with antibiotics
Papa John’s has completed its transition to serving only chicken raised without antibiotics and fed a vegetarian diet for its pizza toppings and chicken poppers.
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Crisis deepens for South African poultry sector

Multiple poultry companies struggling with economic woes
The prospects for the poultry industry in South Africa appear to have deteriorated further during the past month. The industry has been tightly squeezed by a combination of high feed costs, falling currency, weakening economy and growing competition from imported poultry meat.
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How phytase superdosing improves broiler feed conversion

Phytase superdosing can achieve phytate destruction, eliminating lower phytate esters that have anti-nutritional effects.
Superdosing phytase in poultry diets can result in improved feed efficiency and growth performance. Superdosing differs from standard phytase dosing by taking the destruction of the phytate in feed ingredients beyond simply providing feed cost savings through the release of phosphorus (P), and eliminates the anti-nutritional effects that phytate has within the digestive tract.
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Publix commits to only cage-free eggs by 2026

Florida-based chain becomes last major grocer to agree to transition its egg supply to cage-free
After months of pressure from animal rights activists to end the sale of eggs from caged hens, Publix has committed to transition to selling only cage-free eggs.
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Wayne Farms gets tax exemption in Laurel, Mississippi

Poultry company had sought a $9 million exemption, but city council limits tax break to $5.7 million
Wayne Farms was approved for a $5.7 million tax exemption from the city council of Laurel, Mississippi, where the company operates a poultry processing plant.
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