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Allen Harim building new hatchery in Delaware

Company investing $22 million for hatchery that will have capacity to set 2.5 million eggs weekly
Allen Harim Foods plans to invest $22 million to build a state-of-the art hatchery in Dagsboro, Delaware.
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HKScan publishes profit warning

Meat and poultry company says slow sales in Sweden, higher purchase prices causing financial struggles
Ahead of the publication of its latest quarterly results next week, Nordic country meat company, HKScan Corporation has issued a profit warning.
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IPC pledges to study livestock antibiotic resistance

The international association of poultry producers will prepare a formal report on antimicrobial resistance and issue plans for a global path forward on antibiotics.
The International Poultry Council is pledging to make a coordinated effort to address antibiotic resistance in animal agriculture.
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Panama seeks to level poultry meat trade playing field

Country’s poultry industry wants to eliminate reliance on imports to meet demand
While the Panamanian poultry sector has undergone significant growth in recent years, the country continues to rely heavily on imports to meet local demand, a situation that the farmers’ organization has ambitions to reverse.
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Top 5 largest US egg producers

The top five US egg producers account for about one-third of the nation’s flock, housing more than 99 million laying hens.
The top five largest U.S. egg producers have layer flocks in excess of 10 million birds, helping to make the U.S. the world’s second largest egg producer.
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Mountaire gets $1.5 million in incentives for new plant

Incentive package will aid Mountaire Farms as it proceeds with its expansion project in Siler City, North Carolina
Mountaire Farms’ plans to re-open and expand the former Townsend chicken plant in Siler City, North Carolina, got a boost from the Chatham County board of commissioners, which on October 17 approved $1.5 million worth of tax incentives for the company.
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48 articles about antibiotic-free poultry production

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WATT Global Media offers a collection of insightful articles, blogs, infographics and videos on antibiotic-free poultry production to equip poultry producers and marketers with information to help them make informed business decisions. The 48 exclusive articles, plus infographics, blogs and videos, are from the editors of WATT Poultry USA, Poultry International and Egg Industry magazines.
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Chicken price wars blamed for Baiada plant closure

Plant at Laverton North, Australia, will stop processing but will remain open as a distribution hub
One of Australia’s top poultry companies, Baiada Poultry Pty Limited, has announced it is to end meat processing at its plant at Laverton North, near Melbourne in the state of Victoria in March.
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