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Poultry Welfare

The latest poultry welfare articles, commentary and research for poultry producers on ethically raising (birds are treated with respect and properly cared for during their lives) broilers, laying hens and turkeys from the editors of Poultry USA, Egg Industry and Poultry International magazines.


Why consumers buy cage-free eggs may surprise you

Consumers view free-range and cage-free eggs as more nutritious and safer and are less concerned by the hen’s welfare than may have been thought.
A small Australian survey has found that consumers that buy free-range eggs are not solely motivated by hen welfare, but see positive benefits accruing to themselves though buying "happy eggs."
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USDA delays welfare rules change for organic livestock

The rule, designed to strengthen animal welfare requirements for organic-certified livestock, will not be implemented until November.
The US Department of Agriculture is pushing back the effective date of a new, final rule establishing stricter animal welfare standards for organic livestock and poultry.
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Domino’s: We love and trust farmers

Pizza chain executive says farmers know more about raising animals humanely than restaurant chains do
In an era when many restaurant chains are quick to commit to sourcing policies that call for animals raised without antibiotics, cage-free eggs, crate-free pork and slower-growing broilers, Domino’s is going against the grain.
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Future of poultry welfare: What producers should expect

Attitudes to poultry welfare still vary greatly from market to market, but ever-more alignment can be expected as interest in animal welfare grows.
Poultry and egg producers can expect animal welfare pressures to increase as global companies will have more influence on the future of poultry welfare.
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10 animal welfare observations from restaurant consumers

Focus group questioned about what factors they consider when dining on meat, poultry, eggs and dairy
A diverse consumer focus group from the Kansas City metro area revealed that while they are concerned about the welfare of animals raised for food, it is not what is most important to them when making decisions to dine out.
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Broiler welfare: the conversation you need to have

Activists groups have successfully lobbied mainstream restaurant chains like Subway, Burger King and others to make future chicken meat purchase pledges that include breed selections.
Activist groups have been extremely successful at securing future purchase pledges from major retail and foodservice poultry buyers for chicken meat from birds that have been either raised without antibiotics at all or without use of antibiotics that are designated as important in human medicine. A similar campaign has succeeded in securing future cage-free egg purchase pledges that may very well lead to a complete conversion of the U.S. egg industry to cage-free housing for pullets and layers. Now, a third campaign is being waged to secure future purchase pledges from chicken meat buyers that would set new standards for how U.S. broilers are raised, stunned and even the breed of the bird that is raised.
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Auburn's new center equipped for poultry industry's future

University’s new poultry research facilities leverage technology to meet the workforce and production needs of tomorrow’s poultry producers
The university’s Department of Poultry Science recently opened two poultry research houses and a technology evaluation facility. The inauguration of the state-of-the-art center marks the beginning of the relocation of the old poultry research farm to the North Campus.
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Industry Event

XX Congress of the World Veterinary Poultry Association

9/3/17 to 9/8/17
United Kingdom
XX Congress of the World Veterinary Poultry Association
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