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Pig Health & Disease

The latest articles, analysis and information on managing pig herd health and preventing costly outbreaks, such as PEDv, piglet diarrhea, African swine fever and Porcine Circovirus Disease for sows, gilts, boars, hogs and piglets from the editors of Pig International magazine.


Colibacillosis in pigs: vaccinate or medicate?

What is the best way to control this important cause of diarrhea in neonatal and post-weaning pigs?
Colibacillosis is an infection of the bacterium Echerichia coli. Piglets become infected through the environment, other scouring piglets and, most importantly, the sow herself.
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Drug target for treating African swine fever discovered

Currently there are no treatments, and control relies on killing entire affected herds.
A DNA-copying protein from the African swine fever virus has a unique structure that may offer a target for drugs designed to combat this agricultural disease.
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Understanding circovirus diseases in piglets and sows

The virus has been circulating for over 20 years in the global pig herd and has been identified as the causative agent for several economically important diseases.
Porcine circovirus (PCV) is so called due to the circular form of its DNA. The virus is transmitted through infected feces and via mechanical means including clothing, equipment and vehicles.
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How piglet weaning stresses impact gut health

Weaning is a source of major stress for the piglet, which has consequences on its digestive function including: reduction of feed intake, sub-optimal digestive process, gut morphology and digestive barrier function.
Weaning is one of the most stressful events in pig farming and can represent a true bottleneck in pig production. As the industry faces continued pressure to reduce antimicrobial use, the animals’ digestive microflora is gaining importance.
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To prevent avian flu, Brazil bans farm visits

After the outbreak in Chile, the Brazilian poultry industry is on alert and strengthens its biosecurity
Companies that produce and export poultry meat and eggs are banning all visits from customers and suppliers – including Brazilians – to facilities and areas with live birds, the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein announced (ABPA).
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