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Pig Welfare

The latest articles, analysis and information on pig welfare practices to ethically raise healthy and profitable sows, hogs, gilts, boars and piglets from the editors of Pig International magazine. Topics include disease prevention and biosecurity, accurately diagnosing a sick pig, nutrition and current welfare standards.


Colibacillosis in pigs: vaccinate or medicate?

What is the best way to control this important cause of diarrhea in neonatal and post-weaning pigs?
Colibacillosis is an infection of the bacterium Echerichia coli. Piglets become infected through the environment, other scouring piglets and, most importantly, the sow herself.
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General Mills goes global with cage-free egg pledge

Company vows to use only eggs from cage-free hens in all of its operations by 2025, examines other pig and poultry welfare issues
General Mills has already committed to using only cage-free eggs in its U.S. and Canadian operations by 2025. The company expanded that commitment recently, pledging to source only cage-free eggs in all of its operations worldwide by 2025.
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Pastured pork production strategies for profit

Raising pastured pigs can be profitable with the right grazing plan and careful attention to pasture conditions.
Benefits of raising pigs on pasture include improved pig health, a better work environment, less odor, less microbial activity, fewer regulatory problems and lower start-up and operating costs.
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How to adapt European pig farm technology in Latin America

A sustainable and profitable pig farm with training facilities in Colombia transfers Western European technology to the Latin American pig industry by way of hands-on training.
The pig sector in Latin America is developing rapidly. The population is expanding fast, and thanks to the growing economy, Latin Americans have more to spend, which stimulates the consumption of pig meat.
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Using egg immunoglobulins to enhance piglet survivability

The number of healthy piglets weaned is the most important factor for the calculation of profit in piglet production, so it has to be pursued as high as possible.
Losses in the farrowing unit normally occur during the first seven days of life as piglets are born with nearly no immune protection. The intake of immunoglobulins out of colostrum therefore is of vital importance.
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9 tips for dispelling myths about pig farms and pork

These tips can improve public communication about the pork industry.
Pig farming and pork production is frequently misrepresented, but the industry can crush those myths with communication, said Janet Riley at the International Production and Processing Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, USA on February 1.
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