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Pig Welfare

The latest articles, analysis and information on pig welfare practices to ethically raise healthy and profitable sows, hogs, gilts, boars and piglets from the editors of Pig International magazine. Topics include disease prevention and biosecurity, accurately diagnosing a sick pig, nutrition and current welfare standards.


Villari Brothers partner with American Humane

Villari Brothers partners with American Humane to uphold their commitment to raising hogs in a responsible and ethical manner
Villari Brothers, a third-generation family influenced business started in 1925, has earned certification for the proper treatment of pigs from American Humane.
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Use customer surveys to comment on animal rights issues

Customer satisfaction also entails decisions made at the corporate level
It is very common to see the URL for an online survey printed on receipts from grocery stores and restaurants, in which the companies want you to offer feedback on how satisfied you were with your experience as a customer.
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How producers can control anti-animal agriculture press

The pork industry of Illinois faced a major challenge when the Chicago Tribune published a critical investigative series. Together, local and national actors put together a strong response to minimize the damage.
When a major newspaper publishes an article panning an animal agriculture industry, what's the best way to respond?
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Housing systems should be designed around the animal

If your primary concern is housing the most laying hens or sows in the least amount of space, you probably won’t get the desired results
Just as egg producers are housing more cage-free hens, many pork producers are switching from gestation stalls to group pens for housing pregnant sows. The driving force for both of these transitions is purchase pledges by major foodservice and retail customers.
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How ag industry can use social media to reach consumers

Pig, poultry farmers not already on social media need to consider these platforms as a viable and effective way to communicate their story and reach consumers worldwide
Producers in the agriculture industry are continually seeking opportunities to reach consumers in order tell their real story and show off their farms, combating the negative light often shed on the industry by animal activists. Social media platforms provide an ideal way to reach not just one’s own consumers but other non-farmers and potential customers around the world.
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5 Ways to Achieve More Profitable Pigs

Learn how incorporating nutritional tools into sow and piglet diets can boost performance and profitability. Sponsored content by Novus.
Learn how incorporating feed additives can increase profitability and animal welfare. Sponsored content by Novus.
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