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Pig Welfare

The latest articles, analysis and information on pig welfare practices to ethically raise healthy and profitable sows, hogs, gilts, boars and piglets from the editors of Pig International magazine. Topics include disease prevention and biosecurity, accurately diagnosing a sick pig, nutrition and current welfare standards.


NPPC seeks waiver from ELD mandate

NPPC today asked for a waiver and exemption for livestock haulers from U.S. DOT regulations.
NPPC asked for a waiver and exemption for livestock haulers from U.S. Department of Transportation regulations that could have negative effects on animal well-being.
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Animal Agriculture Alliance on how to help farmers, ranchers, animals in Houston

HSUS fundraises amid Hurricane Harvey disaster
Several groups are on route to Houston to join forces with local organizations to help animals in need. One of those groups is the American Humane Association. It is working with Chicken Soup for the Soul Pet Food "to deliver more than 100,000 pounds of free emergency food to displaced pet owners and frightened, hungry animals separated from their families."
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Animal welfare a major focus as veterinarians meet in Korea

The World Veterinary Association with Ceva Santé Animale recognize 6 outstanding veterinarians for their commitment to promoting the welfare of animals
On Aug. 29, during the 33rd World Veterinary Congress in Incheon, Korea, the 1st WVA Global Animal Welfare Awards co-founded and supported by Ceva Sante Animale was given to six veterinarians representing each of the six WVA world regions.
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Piglets need water as much as they need feed

Providing water to suckling and weaned piglets does not stop at having one water outlet per pen as these animals undergo significant digestive development during this period.
Sow’s milk contains about 80 percent water, and therefore it is often assumed that suckling piglets cover their daily water requirements without supplemental water.
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Contradictory comments from animal rights activists

While some say purchase pledges are being made because companies want to do the right thing, others say it is because they are responding to pressure
Nobody likes to admit to being a nag or a bully. But if doing so will impress certain people, they just might ‘fess up.
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New hope to control zoonotic disease in Asia

Researchers led by the UK’s Pirbright Institute are developing an effective and inexpensive vaccine for pigs against the Nipah virus
The threat of a devastating zoonotic disease currently restricts the areas of Malaysia where pig farms can be set up, but that could change if a new international effort to develop a vaccine is successful.
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