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The latest news, grain and crop analysis and information on mycotoxins in agricultural feedstuffs, which can pose a potential health risk to livestock and humans as well as international trade implications for livestock producers from the editors of Feed International and Feed Management magazines.


11 mycotoxin survey lessons to reduce poultry feed risks

A decade-long mycotoxin survey has revealed which fungal species present the major potential risks in poultry feed, and how contamination can vary according to geography and climatic conditions.
Mycotoxin contamination is a serious threat. Survey data shows which fungal species present the major potential risks to flock health in poultry feed.
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Higher DON, FUM, ZEN levels in US corn, DDGS

BIOMIN Mycotoxin Survey analyzed 387 corn samples and 79 distiller’s dried grains with solubles samples
U.S. feed and livestock producers have more reason to carefully monitor mycotoxin contamination in feed and crops, according to results of the latest BIOMIN Mycotoxin Survey.
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How GIPSA certifies mycotoxin tests

The certification helps ensure quick detection of the potentially harmful toxins and a smooth grain trade.
Mycotoxins are a constant concern for domestic and international grain trade, making it important to have a quick, reliable test available to detect the potentially harmful chemicals.
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Aflatoxin levels in US corn crop lower than usual

A leading scientist at the Grain Inspection, Packers & Stockyards Administration said weather conditions were not favorable for the mycotoxin, which affects corn.
U.S. crops were less affected by aflatoxins than usual this harvest season, according to a leading scientist at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Grain Inspection, Packers & Stockyards Administration (GIPSA).
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Mycotoxin survey: Poland corn of medium quality

Nutriad’s results were comparable with 2015
The Nutriad 2016 mycotoxin survey concluded that this year’s harvest of corn in Poland was of medium quality in terms of mycotoxin contamination, which is comparable with the results from 2015.
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5 new research projects receive funding in Canada

Among the project focuses are fusarium in wheat and barley, and mastitis in dairy cows
The governments of Canada and Manitoba have invested more than $365,000 in five new research projects in Manitoba, including one intended to help reduce the risk of a common, costly and potentially fatal infection in dairy cattle.
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Mycotoxin survey: Spain corn of medium quality

Nutriad: Corn crop in Spain should not be automatically considered safe and a degree of vigilance is prudent
Multinational feed producer Nutriad has concluded its 2016 Mycotoxin Survey in Spain, which included 107 corn samples from different Spanish regions.
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Overview of 2016 grain harvest season, mycotoxin risks

Neogen Capstone Report analyzes factors that increased mycotoxin risk in 2016 North American grain crops
Weather extremes, insect damage, crop rotation and soil management are factors that lead to plant stress and increase mycotoxin risk, according to Neogen’s 2016 Capstone Report, an overview and analysis of the North American grain-growing season.
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