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Pig Growing & Finishing

The latest articles, analysis and information on pig growing and finishing research to successfully raise pigs between nursery and market ages to help swine producers maximize herd performance and yields from the editors of Pig International magazine. Topics include nutritional guidelines, biosecurity practices and selective breeding.


Using egg immunoglobulins to enhance piglet survivability

The number of healthy piglets weaned is the most important factor for the calculation of profit in piglet production, so it has to be pursued as high as possible.
Losses in the farrowing unit normally occur during the first seven days of life as piglets are born with nearly no immune protection. The intake of immunoglobulins out of colostrum therefore is of vital importance.
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Trump order halts new US policy on pork farm competition

A GIPSA policy revision may hurt pig farmers’ incentive to meet consumer demand trends.
President Trump’s executive order raised questions about a GIPSA policy change, said Mark Dopp of the North American Meat Institute at the International Production and Processing Expo.
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Practical grinding guidelines for pig feeds

The particle size of ground grain or feed performs a critical role in determining feed digestibility, mixing performance, and pelleting efficiency and quality.
There is much discussion among farmers and consultants about reducing costs while preserving performance or improving it.
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Pork production cost in Brazil falls, chicken steady

Cost of producing pigs drops for the fourth consecutive month
Average costs of production for Brazilian pig producers have declined for the fourth successive month, according to CIAS, the Central Intelligence Poultry and Swine with the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa). For broilers, the index increased in October, but only marginally.
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