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Weaning & Farrowing

The latest articles, analysis and information on sow farrowing research and guidelines to successfully wean piglets to help swine producers maximize herd performance and yields from the editors of Pig International magazine. Topics include piglet immunity, post-weaning stress and gut health.


How piglet weaning stresses impact gut health

Weaning is a source of major stress for the piglet, which has consequences on its digestive function including: reduction of feed intake, sub-optimal digestive process, gut morphology and digestive barrier function.
Weaning is one of the most stressful events in pig farming and can represent a true bottleneck in pig production. As the industry faces continued pressure to reduce antimicrobial use, the animals’ digestive microflora is gaining importance.
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Using egg immunoglobulins to enhance piglet survivability

The number of healthy piglets weaned is the most important factor for the calculation of profit in piglet production, so it has to be pursued as high as possible.
Losses in the farrowing unit normally occur during the first seven days of life as piglets are born with nearly no immune protection. The intake of immunoglobulins out of colostrum therefore is of vital importance.
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Pork production cost in Brazil falls, chicken steady

Cost of producing pigs drops for the fourth consecutive month
Average costs of production for Brazilian pig producers have declined for the fourth successive month, according to CIAS, the Central Intelligence Poultry and Swine with the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa). For broilers, the index increased in October, but only marginally.
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10 practical piglet gruel feeding guidelines

A feeding method recommended for underprivileged piglets that requires attention to details but pays dividends in speeding up the growth of small-for-age weaners
Gruel feeding is a management practice that targets the bottom 10 to 20 percent of small-for-age piglets in any weaning group, regardless of weaning age. Of course, the greater the weaning age, the fewer the pigs that require or rather benefit from gruel feeding.
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Novel castration alternative boosts pig performance and welfare

Experts discuss the economic and welfare benefits of using a novel castration alternative at the 2016 International Pig Veterinary Society conference in Dublin.
Experts discuss the economic and welfare benefits of using a novel castration alternative at the 2016 International Pig Veterinary Society conference in Dublin.
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EU Commission praises Danish pig antibiotics limits

Danish pig producers reduced antibiotic usage by more than a fifth since 2009.
An EU Commission report highlighted the measures that the Danish pig meat industry and the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration (DVFA) have taken to limit antibiotic usage for pigs.
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3 contaminants to watch for in sow milk

Somatic cell count, endotoxins and mycotoxins are seemingly forgotten threats in sow colostrum and milk that may negatively affect piglets.
Generally considered the ideal feed for neonatal mammals, mother's milk is the exclusive nutrient source during the first days of a piglet's life and the main nutrient source during the suckling period. It is rich in energy (lipids, lactose), highly-digestible protein, provides maternal immunity, and affords systemic and mucosal protection.
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