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The latest porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv) news on U.S. and global outbreaks, analysis and research on disease prevention, identifying symptoms, biosecurity measures and best practices and international trade implications for pig producers from the editors of Pig International magazine.


PEDv vaccine passes immunity from sow to piglets

Immunity to porcine epidemic diarrhea virus passed via sows' milk to their new-born piglets.
The vaccine was developed by Sanphar Asia using artificial cell membranes from ACM Biolabs. An earlier study showed that both oral and injected formulations provided immunity against PED virus in weaning pigs.
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PEDv outbreak spreads in Manitoba

Third case confirmed in southeast of province on June 4
The outbreak occurred at three locations near each other. The latest case struck a sow barn. The first report, at a sow barn, was confirmed on May 26. The second, at a finishing barn, was confirmed on June 2.
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Piglet diarrheas: A common problem explained

Scours are the most common health concern of piglets, and understanding the factors involved will help producers prevent outbreaks.
Scours, or diarrhea, are the excretion of feces containing excess fluid. There can be a variety of causes, and therefore a multifaceted approach to prevention is necessary.
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Smithfield Foods CEO: We ‘finally got it right’ in 2015

Pork company has experienced great financial success since restructuring through the One Smithfield initiative
It was roughly one year ago when Smithfield Foods announced it was restructuring in what it called the “One Smithfield” initiative. It appears the company’s new CEO couldn’t be more pleased with how the initiative has worked so far.
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Research aimed at improving control of PEDv

Studies at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln are giving swine producers potential methods for managing and preventing the spread of the Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus
Research recently conducted by faculty at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln is giving swine producers and veterinarians potential methods to manage and prevent the spread of PEDV.
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