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The latest science, news and swine breeding research and genetics information on sows, hogs, boars, gilts and piglets to help pig producers maximize herd performance and yields from the editors of Pig International magazine. Topics include sow single-fixed time insemination, boar taint and breeding boars.


Exclusive: How sow single fixed-time insemination works

Knowing more about this new technique can help overcome challenges.
The development and approval of a new generation of reproductive hormones for advancing and synchronizing ovulation in swine has been attracting attention for their application use of single fixed-time insemination (SFTI). The technology is based on the administration of a hormone to sows after weaning and is followed by only one timed insemination the next day.
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National Pork Board appoints Bill Even as new CEO

Former South Dakota Secretary of Agriculture will join National Pork Board in time for the beginning of World Pork Expo
William J. “Bill” Even, an agriculture-industry leader with substantial senior management experience in crop and livestock production, will join the National Pork Board as its new CEO on June 6.
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The Maschhoffs, Hormel targeted in undercover video

The Maschoffs says it is taking corrective actions to assure proper animal welfare practices are in place
The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) has released a video that depicts scenes of animal abuse and neglect at a Nebraska pig breeding farm owned and operated by The Maschhoffs.
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US proposes relaxing restrictions on pigs from Malta

USDA seeks to recognize Malta as free of SVD, ASF and FMD
The USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is proposing to recognize the Republic of Malta as free of certain significant livestock diseases - swine vesicular disease (SVD), African swine fever (ASF), foot-and-mouth disease (FMD), and rinderpest.
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Pig farms need an animal well-being crisis plan

It is important to have policies to help prevent animal abuse from happening, but a management plan is necessary in case abuse does occur
All pig producers should have not only active animal welfare policies, but also an animal welfare crisis management plan, said Jeff Kayser, director of production, Suidae Health and Production.
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Hypor adding pig performance feeding stations

Investment will help Hypor increase its pig testing capacity and make faster genetic improvements
Hypor is growing the number of pigs it tests by 25 percent with the addition of several pig performance feeding stations at its nucleus facility in Abernethy, Saskatchewan.
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Single fixed-time insemination of sows, a new trend

This is a new trend with many advantages over traditional artificial insemination that go beyond semen savings.
In simple terms, the successful artificial insemination of sows depends on the hygienic deposition of enough sperm at the appropriate time so as to have an adequate sperm reservoir in the oviduct at the time of ovulation. However, what is the optimal time of insemination?
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