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The latest articles, information and research on how to raise healthy sows and hogs to help swine producers maximize their performance from the editors of Pig International magazine. Topics include nutritional and health guidelines, breeding information and housing and welfare best practices.


Danish Crown adapts business to changing Asian pork market

Danish Crown has announced the latest moves in its strategy to gain greater connections with customer base
Responding to changes in the markets in Southeast Asian countries to which it exports, Danish Crown is set to open new sales offices in Taiwan and the Philippines, and to close its center in Singapore.
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Smithfield Foods announces Smithfield Renewables

Smithfield's new platform will unify, lead and accelerate the company’s carbon reduction and renewable energy efforts
Smithfield Foods, Inc. announced the launch of Smithfield Renewables, a new platform within the organization that will unify, lead and accelerate the company’s industry-leading carbon reduction and renewable energy efforts.
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Cargill bolsters its sow research capabilities

New Iowa technology application center will expand sow research capabilities
Cargill’s animal nutrition business is expanding its sow research capabilities with the opening of a new technology application center in Britt, Ia
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National pork board returns from Asia trade mission

Industry professionals look for insight to Asian trade on nine-day trip
Three National Pork Board officers and two members of the senior leadership team have returned from a trip to Asia that was planned with hopes of getting a better feel for pork trade with Asia.
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Royal De Heus starts development of pig nutrition center

Company seeks to develop innovative pig feed solutions worldwide
Royal De Heus has begun construction of its pig nutrition center. This emphasizes the ambitions of De Heus to take the next step in the continuous development of innovative pig feed solutions worldwide.
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Swine flu breaks out at second Maryland fair

Health officials have detected swine flu in 11 pigs in a second Maryland county fair within a week
Tests showed 11 pigs from The Great Frederick Fair in Maryland were infected with influenza A, this is the second fair within a week to experience the circumstances of swine flu.
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