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Royal De Heus starts development of pig nutrition center

Company seeks to develop innovative pig feed solutions worldwide
Royal De Heus has begun construction of its pig nutrition center. This emphasizes the ambitions of De Heus to take the next step in the continuous development of innovative pig feed solutions worldwide.
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Piglets need water as much as they need feed

Providing water to suckling and weaned piglets does not stop at having one water outlet per pen as these animals undergo significant digestive development during this period.
Sow’s milk contains about 80 percent water, and therefore it is often assumed that suckling piglets cover their daily water requirements without supplemental water.
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World pork production to grow at a slower rate

Although world pork production dropped slightly in 2016 compared to the previous two years, 2017 is projected to see growth again. China’s dominance of the market continues to create uncertainty.
Despite two years of a slight slowdown, 2017 looks to show positive gains in world pig production.
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