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Organic trace minerals: Getting the most out of phytase

In vitro-based research suggests that the use of organic trace minerals can better spare phytase activity when compared to inorganic equivalents.
Phytase inclusion in monogastric animal diets is commonplace in the industry today, primarily driven by its ability to release phytate-bound phosphorus (P) from cereal-based feed ingredients.
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How animal feed oxidation affects livestock productivity

We all know what oxidation is, but we often fail to recognize the symptoms and their effects on productivity, health and profitability in modern animal agriculture.
Oxidative stress is a physiological process affected in periods of high stress, wherein animals consuming oxidized feeds possess less of a defense against internal oxidation.
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Be on the lookout for heat stress in herds, flocks

Livestock, poultry producers should be prepared with a heat stress management plan
As warmer weather approaches in the Northern Hemisphere, livestock and poultry producers need to be on the lookout for heat stress in their animals and find ways to combat it.
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Feeding diseased livestock remains a challenge

Nutrient requirements for fighting disease are quite different from those required for productive purposes.
Despite best efforts exercised by researchers and sincere attempts by field nutritionists and veterinarians, we still remain far away from a clear understanding on how to feed animals under disease stress.
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Why bother with organic acid salts at all?

I have always used straight organic acids, but I keep receiving calls to use salts, and I am not sure I understand the reasoning behind these products.
I have my preferred blend of organic acids that changes according to the needs of the feed in question, but I have always used straight acids.
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Projects aim to improve feed efficiency, meat quality

Grant awarded to UK’s Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock
Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) and 11 other institutions have been awarded GBP2.2 million (US$2.7 million), allowing for three projects that will work to improve livestock feed efficiency and meat quality in Britain, according to a press release from SRUC.
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Agrifirm aims for additional phosphate reduction

Company’s goal is for additional 1.1 million kg in reduction
Agrifirm calculates that, with its livestock farmers and suitable measures, a significant additional phosphate reduction can be achieved, while maintaining a positive result for livestock farmers.
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