Halamid from Axcentive is proven powerful yet mild disinfectant ideally suited to be used by poultry farmers in broiler houses, hatcheries and layer farms. Halamid is notified under the EU BPR regulation and UK DEFRA approved among many other registrations around the world. It can be used in aquaculture disinfection as well. 

An effective biosecurity program based on Halamid brings the total bacterial and viral load in the poultry house down to a safe level. Halamid eradicates all major poultry pathogens such as Salmonella, Avian Influenza, Campylobacter, Newcastle Disease or Gumboro at 0.5 percent (1:200), following European norms. Hence it gives vital support to poultry health programs while at the same time reducing the need to use antibiotics to a minimum.