Wildeck Smart Control System

The Wildeck SmartControl system for hydraulically-operated vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRCs) senses when one of a dozen or more faults occur. The SmartControl system immediately sounds an audible alarm specific to the fault condition. This allows the operator to quickly identify the fault and make necessary corrections before the lift or its cargo are damaged. Key SmartControl features include fault-specific audible alarm (with adjustable horn volume); a large placard at the control panel and at each station to describe the fault condition; and an accurate solid-state hydraulic pressure sensor that replaces mechanical pressure switch, meaning no more adjustment or maintenance required.

Other features include a “smart” Allen-Bradley PLC (programmable logic controller) pre-programmed with Wildeck’s AutoSenz software for automatic jam sensing and VRC overload protection and extensive system diagnostics and VRC fault detection, including over-capacity, open gates and their location, VRC jams, hydraulic pressure, pump motor status and more.