Big Dutchman NATURA Step XL Aviary System

Big Dutchman Step Xl

The NATURA Step XL from Big Dutchman is a true aviary designed to optimize bird movement in and around the system. The design and positioning of its various features facilitate bird movement, enhance the ability of less dominant hens to escape from aggressors and encourage desirable behaviors. 

The name “NATURA Step” comes from the unique steps, which are designed to allow easy movement from one tier to another. With the NATURA Step XL, producers can enjoy all of the benefits of the proven NATURA Step system, plus additional options for their house including: 26% more useable space, 2 nest depth options to accommodate certification requirements, double egg belts with added belt space for higher egg capacity, feed loop options on the top tier to increase ventilation efficiency, shorter overall system height to further ease management and an option for an additional water lines.