Aef High Speed Isobus (hsi)

AEF's High Speed ISOBUS (HSI) has greater bandwidth and faster connection speed, roughly 4,000 times faster than the original technology. ISOBUS refers to the ISO 11783 standard "nervous system“ of agricultural equipment that seamlessly connects tractors to implements and aftermarket options such as displays and joysticks, etc. With ISOBUS, machines work together as a system better than each component can work on its own. 

Examples of future technologies using HSI will include higher performance command and control at the row level on a large planter or for the individual nozzles on a sprayer; higher performance of user interface to see the exact state of every row in real-time; remote process viewing with more advanced digital cameras, easily integrated into an HSI system; enabling higher levels of automation; improving diagnostics and faster software updates and connectivity to other in-field machines using AEF Wireless Infield Communications.

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