Hired-Hand automated doors

Company Overview

RollSeal automated technology from Hired-Hand provides the ideal application to complete today's door and ventilation package requirements. The patented rolling and sealing action enables the doors, sidewalls or shutters to be fully retracted to maximize ventilation, while providing the most efficient seal in the industry when closed. The inner and outer layers of fabric work together to form an air gap, resulting in outstanding insulation qualities. Studies have shown that RollSeal Doors and Shutters, with their rugged construction and secure seal, make enclosures 30% more efficient than conventional applications. All the products in the RollSeal line are designed to provide an energy efficient seal on all sides when closed and non-restrictive air flow when open. All RollSeal Doors come with options for manual or motorized operation and can be controlled by switches, remote transmitters or even motion detectors.

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