Dorner belt conveyor

Company Overview

Dorner’s conveyor frame can be completely disassembled without tools in 30 seconds, allowing processors to clean their machines and get production underway again faster. The AquaPruf 7600 sanitary conveyor platform boasts the highest level of sanitation in the market today and the fastest cleaning times for wash-down conveyors in the industry, the company claims. The belt is designed to transfer difficult products like marinated chicken at speeds of up to 100 metres/minute. The 7600 Series can handle ready-to-eat foods, raw meat and poultry as well as bakery products, snack foods, confectionery and seafood. Cleats – with heights between 6mm and 60mm – are moulded into the belt to stabilise products being transported at an incline and decline. The belt has a continuous welded stainless steel frame with no horizontal surfaces, allowing for optimal cleaning.

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