VICAM mycotoxin tests

Company Overview

Vicam of Milford, Mass., a Waters Company, now markets the AflaCHECK for aflatoxin and DONCHECK for DON (deoxynivalenol/vomitoxin). The aflatoxin test kit requires extraction in methanol followed by detection using a test strip. The result is read by comparing colored lines which appear on the strip with a control band.Extraction takes approximately five minutes and the result can be read on the strip five minutes later. The strip will indicate either a 10 ppb or a 20 ppb level which is ideal for screening ingredients. The DON test follows basically the same procedure but water is used to extract the toxin and the result is also read from the bands which appear on the strip.Vicam produces a range of affinity columns for aflatoxin, zeralanone, Fusarium T-2 toxin, and fumonisins. These columns allow rapid processing of samples which are then assayed using high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) in a suitably equipped laboratory.

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