Romer Labs DON test

Company Overview

Romer Labs headquartered in Union, Mo. with branches in Austria and Singapore have long provided laboratory assay and consulting services. The company now supplies AgraStrip test kits for aflatoxin and DON. The AgraStrip DON test is quantitative when using the Romer Labs XReader although the strip can be read visually to provide a qualitative result indicating the presence or absence of DON. AgraStrip aflatoxin kits are available with threshold levels of 4 ppb 10 ppb or 20 ppb.In addition to these lateral flow assay test strips, Romer Labs supply the AgraQuant ELISA test system which is conducted in plastic wells with the results read on a desk-top photometric instrument. Romer AgraQuant test kits are available for aflatoxin in three ranges─1-20 ppb, 4-40 ppb, 4-100 ppb, Ochratoxin─2-40 ppb, T-2 toxin─75-500 ppb, zearalenone─[40-1,000 ppb, fumonisin─0.25-5.0 ppm and DON─0.25-5.0 ppm. The Romer FluoroQuant quantitative total aflatoxin test kit generates results highly correlated with more sophisticated HPLC assays. The rapid procedure involves grinding, extraction and detection followed by measurement using a fluorometric desk-top reader.

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