Reventa polar fresh air inlet

Company Overview

Reventa offers a fresh air inlet which will avoid freezing in winter. It allows producers to avoid supporting control technology measures such as intermittent ventilation, resulting in reductions in energy costs, according to the company. Due to the altered contours of the lower part of the flap (increased wall thickness), no surfaces are available for formation of ice. Cold air which streams into the stable through the lower air gap does not collide with warm air until it has totally left the fresh air inlet. Condensate that collects on the room-facing side of the flap does not trickle down onto the lower part of the frame, but rather drips down at the outer side of the flap, while an additional drip rail prevents condensate flowing back to the lower air gap. Further, according to Reventa, the edges of the flap have been extended in length sideways to reduce the potential surface on which ice can build up.

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