Dopharma Melovem meloxicam injections

Company Overview

Dopharma Melovem injections contais meloxicam, an NSAID with an analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effect. The 20- and 30-milligram per milliliter dosages can be used to treat respiratory infections, diarrhea and mastitis in cattle. In pigs, the same dosage can be used for non-infectious locomotor disorders and as an adjunctive therapy for puerperal septicaemia and toxaemia. The 20-milligram per milliliter dosage can be used in horses as a treatment for musculo-skeletal disorders and to relieve pain associated with colic. A 5-milligram per milliliter dosage is intended to treat respiratory infections, diarrhea and non-infectious locomotor disorder in cattle and pigs with low bodyweight.

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