Roxell Quad-Glow heater

Company Overview

The Roxell Quad-Glow heater for poultry houses has a broad range of high-performing, fuel-saving models accommodating most commonly used gas combinations. The Roxell Quad-Glow heater uses fuel more efficiently by converting more of the thermal capacity of the gas to infrared heat and transferring more of that heat to the floor. The Quad-Glow can have as much as 25 percent fuel savings over traditional brooders or space heaters. The litter is dryer in Quad-Glow houses due to heating of a greater floor area, thereby lowering humidity and ammonia levels, giving better bird development and more profit while saving fuel by not heating the exhaust air. The Quad-Glow has a “quadrangular” heat pattern that is more closely shaped the rectangular form of a poultry house.

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