Avitec Breaker BT series egg breaking machine

Company Overview

Avitec Breaker BT series is an automatic egg breaking machine targeted to serve practical and slim production by minimizing investment, operative and maintenance costs without compromising quality. The machine integrates well-known breaking concepts that are fit into a more modern and economical technical design. The breaker is equipped with 6-row parallel breaking even at the smaller capacities. The in-feed rollers in self-lubricated polymer assure a better positioning of the eggs. The cracking units in food-grade plastic are precise, light and economical, and allow for the installation of more units to increase the dripping time and the yield. The separation between yolk and albumen, if needed, is achieved by means of separating chutes with the fast-eject channel, double albumen inspection point and mirror-polished surfaces. Trays are simple to clean and they do not require any maintenance. The machines can be washed in-line with an automatic CIP and can be equipped with an automatic loader. Capacities are 14 – 21 and 28.000 egg/h.

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