Nanolike digitized bin fill level monitoring solution

Company Overview

The Nanolike digitized bin fill level monitoring solution is used to simplify the inventory and order management processes of pig, poultry and cattle farmers, as well as to optimize the supply chain processes of the animal feed producers and suppliers who replenish the bins. The digitized bin fill level monitoring solution uses the highly efficient sensor and cloud connectivity technology, using the Sigfox 0G or cellular (LTE-M/NB-IOT) wireless network. 

Requiring zero maintenance for years, the solution needs neither an external power supply nor a data line. Mounted on the exterior base of the bin, the Nanolike sensors give users 24/7 access to information on fill levels and demand forecasts in real-time. An integrated early warning system alerts the bin operator to potential bottlenecks, which helps to prevent feed shortages.

The mobile application also facilitates the automation of purchase processes as bin operators can choose to place orders directly from their smartphones. The data from the Nanolike sensors are consolidated in a central cloud from where they can be imported into existing software systems and customer clouds, or retrieved via smartphone app at any time.

Before filling a bin, the user sets the sensor to zero via the mobile phone app and manually enters the fill load once in the software. From thereon, the changing fill level is calculated in the cloud, based on a comparison of sensor data recorded before and after filling.

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