GI-OVO EggsCargoSystem Connect Concept

Company Overview

GI-OVO, in collaboration with Ovotrack, offers the EggsCargoSystem Connect Concept system for total control over the transport and storage of eggs. The system offers numerous possibilities for automatically linking data from the RFID chip to the customer’s existing software. In addition to being able to digitally access information regarding the eggs included on the pallet, the Connect Concept also offers a module for registering and following the package. The RFID microchip is secured to the inside of the ECS pallet and will never come into contact with water. With the Connect Concept system, there are no more labels, no more manual data transfer and no failures.

Customers interested in the EggsCargoSystem Connect Concept can choose from simple handhelds that can read data in and out to fixed scanners on the loaders that can transfer the data across to grading or breaking machines. The solution can be adapted to customers specific requirements and is easy to implement with existing software.

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