WITT Gas Controls Oxybeam gas analyzer

Company Overview

The Oxybeam, from WITT Gas Controls, is a gas analyzer that uses a laser beam to determine oxygen content without damaging packaging. The sole requirement is to have a small viewing window into the interior of the packaging, which is the case with most shells, deep-drawn forms or tubular bags.

The product is laid under the sensor and the measurements are commenced via the touch screen. The result is available after about only four seconds. The compact table top analyser shows the measured residual oxygen content to an accuracy of 0.1 percent absolute.

Oxybeam measures precisely how much laser light is absorbed in the packaging and thus determines the oxygen content. In contrast to other light-based systems, the WITT device requires no separate reflecting surface that has to be glued inside the package or printed on the inside of the film, which can be a real cost benefit.

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